Bootydesigns capturing the essence of both home comforts and opulent luxury, these pieces are functional while drawing influence from the extravagant aesthetics of Victorian design. This handmade collection serves as a contemporary interpretation of the ideals of the era, contrasting modern shapes and lines with indulgent ornamentation.

Prices start from Wool 10 x 10 cm £20, Tapestry 10x 10 cm £40.

There is also a bespoke service, where pattern, colour and dimensions can all be specified. Please use the Contact page for more information.

Nicola Booty graduated in 2003 from Surrey Institute of Art and Design in 2003 with a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art, she then went on to study at Kent Institute of Art and Design graduating in 2005 with a MA in Three Dimensional Design, completing her studies at Canterbury Christchurch University completing a PGCE Post Compulsory in Education.

Working from her studio in Kent, Nicola has continued to develop her range of wall pieces.